"Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don't vote." ~Paul Harvey

Because WE do vote, when the time comes, we need to be the VOICE of the animals. In the meantime we can show them respect by helping with the Gulf crisis any way we can and by reducing our intake of petroleum products daily.


Call for action by Linda Living Joy Lorenzo posted to Face Book, 5/22/2010

Our Mother is bleeding profusely and her children are dying...

We have prayed, sent our most positive intentions to the gulf region...

And still are forced to look on, helplessly in horror...

...The time for action is now...

For this to continue even one more day is unacceptable...

Stop listening to the "experts", wiping the egg off your face,

pointing fingers, laying blame...

We need to roll up our sleeves, put our heads together...

Go back to the drawing board

And do the work that needs to be done to rectify this horrific violation...

Lets get to work, politicians, oil executives, techies and all children of Gaia, alike...

Recriminations and accountability can come later...

And this time, may we learn our lessons well...

Right now our Mother has been gravely injured and her children are suffering...

And it is up to us to provide Her relief...

Please by and for all that is Sacred...

Stop the Rhetoric...

Do the work...

Fix this Mess...

Heal our Mother!

~ Blessed Creator, my prayer today is for guidance for the solutions that are needed to Heal our Beloved Mother and may we most humbly learn from our mistakes...so that we may become the worthy stewards that you have intended us to be...I am your Hands and your Voice, Blessed Spirit...Show me the Way that I may Serve ~


Let us join together in prayer,meditation and intention to create a New Vision, as we send healing energy to Mother Gaia, and all her children in the midst of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Let us affirm that all wildlife will be Divinely lead to an oil free area that is safe.

We ask the Devas for each species of animal to communicate to them that we are sorry for this most grevious of trespasses, and that we want them free of harm. May they lead the Dolphins, sea turtles, fish and other marine wild life past the spill, only to surface when they see light above.

May the birds be lead to land only on areas of bright shiny clean water. And may the animals that have been affected already be free from suffering.

We also send loving energy into the earth to conceal the flowing oil. and pray for the creative solutions that must come to remedy this offense...and may this be the time of redemption for all those who have been responsible for this occurrence...to come into the Light of awareness...

And may we All bear the responsibility dilligently to ensure that this will never happen again. ~ Linda Living Joy Lorenzo



A letter from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

(Present Chief and Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation of the Sioux)

Gulf Coast Oil Spill - Sioux Prayer Request

Good day traditionalists,

I have been concerned about what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico for some time now, since I first heard and saw the breaking news on the oil

break/leakage in the Gulf of Mexico, especially now that the break in the

pipe has not been capped or sealed for the past two months.

It has become more disturbing as time goes by, that the BP Company has not

been able to cap/stop the oil break/leakage in the pipe.

I thought I would pass this on message on what Arovl Looking Horse is

asking people to do and become concerned about what’s happening to mother earth!

I think it is not too far fetched to not believe that we are

affected in the North; Arvol is right about the animal relatives.

This is become more of concern especially when Canada, USA, RUSSIA, Norway, Denmark England and two other Scandinavian countries are already planning to Drill for Oil and Gas in the seas and oceans surrounding the North pole within the next couple years.

****** A Great Urgency ******

To All World Religious and Spiritual Leaders

My Relatives,

Time has come to speak to the hearts of our Nations and their

Leaders. I ask you this from the bottom of my heart, to come together

from the Spirit of your Nations in prayer.

We, from the heart of Turtle Island, have a great message for the

World; we are guided to speak from all the White Animals showing

their sacred color, which have been signs for us to pray for the

sacred life of all things. As I am sending this message to you, many

Animal Nations are being threatened, those that swim, those that

crawl, those that fly, and the plant Nations, eventually all will be

affect from the oil disaster in the Gulf.

The dangers we are faced with at this time are not of spirit. The

catastrophe that has happened with the oil spill which looks like the

bleeding of Grandmother Earth, is made by human mistakes, mistakes

that we cannot afford to continue to make.

I asked, as Spiritual Leaders, that we join together, united in

prayer with the whole of our Global Communities. My concern is these

serious issues will continue to worsen, as a domino effect that our

Ancestors have warned us of in their Prophecies.

I know in my heart there are millions of people that feel our united

prayers for the sake of our Grandmother Earth are long overdue. I

believe we as Spiritual people must gather ourselves and focus our

thoughts and prayers to allow the healing of the many wounds that

have been inflicted on the Earth. As we honor the Cycle of Life, let

us call for Prayer circles globally to assist in healing Grandmother

Earth (our Unc'I Maka).

We ask for prayers that the oil spill, this bleeding, will stop. That

the winds stay calm to assist in the work. Pray for the people to be

guided in repairing this mistake, and that we may also seek to live

in harmony, as we make the choice to change the destructive path we

are on.

As we pray, we will fully understand that we are all connected. And

that what we create can have lasting effects on all life.

So let us unite spiritually, All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer.

Along with this immediate effort,

I also ask to please remember June

21st, World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites day.

Whether it is a natural site, a temple, a church, a synagogue or just your

own sacred space, let us make a prayer for all life, for good

decision making by our Nations, for our children's future and

well-being, and the generations to come.

Onipikte (that we shall live),

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

"When the power of wealth has dominated justice,

with the concept of fiction-money leading to utter destruction;

when the Holy Spirit, driven ever further away on its

path of ascension has again reached zenith,

to the undoing of so much near and dear to us-

let us, in spite of what occurs before our eyes,

invoke that same Divine Spirit through love and beauty,

that we may restore order and balance to humanity."

--Samuel L. Lewis,"Spiritual Dancing"

The Inner and Outer of the Gulf Oil Deluge: Questions and a Prayer

By James O'Dea

I have noticed that there are significant numbers of people praying and meditating about the deluge of oil spilling into the Gulf. Marianne Williamson and a host of others have been tweeting about meditating everyday at noon and making this a global effort. But what is the content of those prayers? Are we sending love to all species and to the human communities affected? Are we expressing inner concern? Are we looking for miraculous clean-up? Are we looking for remorse by those responsible? Are we looking for remorse in ourselves for the way we live? Are we looking for transformative insight? Are we practicing deep non-judgmental detachment? Are we intending the healing of the waters? Are we healing our own despair? Are we channeling moral outrage into a wave-form in consciousness which will bring our gas guzzling greed to an end? Are we seeing in those prayers what we have to do to change the story?

I know some people think it is quite old-fashioned to actually have content to your prayers. But here is my prayer for the Gulf:

Forgive me, all life forms of the Gulf, and all exquisitely unique and diverse sentient beings. I have colluded in your poisoning. Forgive me people of the Gulf I saw it coming; saw the ruin that would befall you, but I did nothing effective to stop it. I said a lot over the years but did not really transform my words into creative enactments of moral imagination or sacred activism to end our dependence on fossil fuels. Forgive me beautiful waters of the Gulf and the ocean, I am one of those so called civilized ones who is addicted to fuels and all of the plundering and destruction of Nature which that addiction causes. I know that this is the way the human species "evolved" to date: by overlooking our rapacious appetite for machine-driven luxury. I know I am part of the blindness and distraction that seduces us into participating as a species in the destruction of the collective habitat of all life on this jewel of a planet. Other species do not destroy the very habitat needed for their survival.

Help me now to return to deep community. Help me to commune with Nature, not as a tourist but as a co-inhabitant of what was always designed to be an inter-species domain of optimal co-existence. Help me to participate in finding communal transport, communal food sources, communal spirituality and a politics of local ecology in resonance with global ecology.

May consciousness witness the travesties and crimes that humans have committed against Nature; and may this consciousness not seek guilt and punishment as its new distraction. But, rather, let it seek to restore, to renew and revitalize its common aspiration with all of life to live in the beauty and natural fecundity of eco-Logical design. Inspire us to harmonize once again with Nature's powerful wisdom and intricate generosity. Allow us to live without these insatiable accoutrements of our marauding vanities.

Let our leaders fall to their knees in awe at the restorative justice within the natural order and let it mirror for them the teachings that must be followed if we are to end this era of ego-driven defiance of Nature's Holy Order. I know that if we seek forgiveness the only atonement Nature will ask of us will be to rejoin its oneness and end our rebellion. Are we ready? Or must we kill more Life before we see that we have definitively signed the death-warrant of our own species?

~ James O'Dea Crestone, Colorado


Notes From the Trail ~ June 3, 2010

The Oil Spill and the Blood Spill:Same Problem, Same Solution

By Steve Bhaerman

Sometimes it's just not funny.

There is nothing funny about oil hemorrhaging in the Gulf of Mexico, or blood flowing in the Mediterranean - just the sad joke that we humans are largely the cause of our own suffering. And we are largely clueless as to how and why.

For millennia, we have been under the spell of the lowest common dominator, the notion that it's a you-or-me world, that to survive we must dominate or be dominated. Never mind that at the root of every religion and ethical system is some version of the Golden Rule. We have as a species chosen to apply this law selectively to those in our own family, tribe or nation. When we feel threatened - not necessarily ARE threatened, but feel threatened - we very easily adopt a conveniently modified version of the rule: "Doo-doo unto others before they can doo-doo unto you."

So, for tribes or nations to be manipulated by a sociopathic few, all these misleaders need to do is convince their people of an external threat, and this protective mechanism is activated. While fight-or-flight is a necessary response to an immediate danger, the blood flow to the hindbrain has to come from somewhere. It comes from the forebrain, the place of creative thinking and discernment. In other words, when we are in fear we are less intelligent.convince their people of an external threat, and this protective mechanism is activated. While fight-or-flight is a necessary response to an immediate danger, the blood flow to the hindbrain has to come from somewhere. It comes from the forebrain, the place of creative thinking and discernment. In other words, when we are in fear we are less intelligent.

In places like the Middle East, the us-vs.-them story is well established, and each atrocity by the other builds the story one more story high. The one thing the Palestinian terrorists set to blow themselves up and the Israeli soldiers firing on civilians have in common is the belief, "We are the good guys."

It's this belief alone that turns good guys into bad guys. It's how America justified using atomic weapons on Japan, napalm on Vietnamese, and bombs on Iraqi and Afghan citizens. It's the cost of war, paid by the other guy - the bad guy.

From the Mideast ... to the Midwest

In order to bring this notion home, literally and figuratively, we need to take what is happening in the Mideast, and apply it in the Midwest. Just as surely as the Israelis and Palestinians are at war, we the people of America have been divided into two warring tribes, the Red Tribe Republicans and the Blue Tribe Democrats. The main difference between these two tribes is that the right wing understands there is a war going on; the left wing merely feels assaulted.

Here's why.

Whether you believe it's an actual conspiracy, or merely the out-picturing of our divided collective consciousness, the body politic has been split into left-brain and right-brain, masculine and feminine. The political left represents the values of novelty and nurturance; the right stands for structure and protection. Each of these tendencies - progressive and conservative - represents a healthy biological impulse. However, separately they are incapable of wise rule. Why? Well, imagine living your life using only half your intelligence, or worse yet with two parts of your psyche constantly in mortal combat.

Consequently, each political party represents a toxic distortion of a valuable asset. Put bluntly, the Republicans represent the abusive male, the Democrats the enabler female. All of the muscle is on one side; all of the compassion is on the other. Instead of working together, these two opposing impulses have inflicted a deadly autoimmune dysfunction on the body politic. Who benefits? Those who have the most to lose by these two divided forces uniting as an integrated, whole "we the people."

In a healthy, integrated, whole system the forces of protection protect life. Consider the eggshell. It is absolutely necessary to protect the egg during development. However, for a chicken to be born, the shell must break. Structure must yield to life.

In our distorted, divided system the structures designed for protection all too often protect the predator. That's why back in the 1930s, Gen. Smedley Butler, at the time America's most decorated Marine, wrote a booklet called War is a Racket, where he confessed that most of the defending he did during the early part of this century was for United Fruit and U.S. Rubber. In the nearly 80 years since Butler's pamphlet, we have seen the simple desire for defense and protection rigidify into a Military Industrial Complex, a structure largely in service of itself, in partnership with the American empire.

Interestingly, the more libertarian right represented by Ron Paul know about Smedley Butler and his assessment of war, whereas he is an unfamiliar figure to most on the left. That's because each political polarity has it's own information pipeline telling them the "truth." The left is told that the Ron Paul variety of populist - as represented currently by the Tea Parties - are backward racists and isolationists. Meanwhile, the right wing impropaganda machine bangs away at the notion that "liberals hate America," making them as much of an enemy as Al Qaeda is.

Progressives are outraged by the assaults of Limbaugh, Beck and the like, but cannot respond effectively or courageously. Why? Because all the martial energy has been marshaled over on the other side. The right, meanwhile, doesn't dare empathize with the downtrodden, lest we empower welfare cheats. In having their attention focused on the lowly criminal, they are conveniently distracted from the highly criminal.

We are a political house divided, a body politic afflicted with bi-polar insanity. Somewhere in the netherworld, Machiavelli is smiling, for his lesson of divide-and-conquer has been well learned by our misleaders. We the people have learned to identify so much with what divides us that we completely ignore the common virtues and values we share as non-sociopathic humans.

It's Either an Awakening ...Or a Wake

Which brings us to the oil spill.

The major missing piece in this web-of-life threatening tragedy is our ability to act in unison in a moment of crisis. The bi-polar political dysfunction has bred so much mutual distrust, that we've wasted valuable time and energy in obfuscation and blame. But the problem goes deeper than that, as deep as the subconscious programming of "survival of the fittest." We are so programmed with fear of not enough - Swami calls this "scare city" - that we spend our attention, intention, time and resource on protection and acquisition, at the expense of other healthy human "cellular souls."

The cost of this agreed-upon greed, goes beyond the trillions of dollars spent and the millions of lives lost. We now have a rupture in the web-of-life itself, as the fluid we value more than life gushes uselessly and harmfully into the ocean, unstoppable by the magic of technology. Like Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice, in our ignorance and innocence, we unleashed a power far too powerful for our Mickey Mouse consciousness.

And the good news is?

If we choose to use it as such, the oil spill may be the significant emotional event that bumps us out of the illusion of separation and into a healthier relationship with one another and the planet. What is called for is no less than a spontaneous spiritual evolution from children of God to adults of God, from victims and villains to aware, responsible co-creators. It's never happened before. But never before have we faced such a blatant and immediate human-caused disaster, one that calls into question our fitness as a species.

As many of us have seen in the "try this" or "try that" emails that have been circulating, there is no dearth of potential remedies or even solutions. We already have the worldwide network of communication to create an open-source approach to a situation that threatens every one of us. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention ... and intent is the father. What an opportunity for the people of this world to "gather under one big intent" to take the initiative to create a worldwide "we the people" authority to, for the first time, confront a species-wide threat as a species.

This would not be some top-down New World Order, but a bottom up, grassroots "new world ordering," where we access the heart-and-soul essence of who we are, an essence that has been lost through millennia of domination and programmed fear. It would mean gathering in intentionally diverse groups, and using existing polarities to stretch ourselves beyond the limited choices we currently perceive. It would mean calling forth the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine, to act in accord as dynamic duo dance partners. It would mean taking the obsolete political polarities of progressive and conservative, and turning them into healthy intentions by asking, "How do we wish to progress?" and "What do we choose to conserve?"

I know, I know. I am proposing a sane world. I must be crazy.

But the question to ask ourselves and one another is, how sane is the institutionalized, homicidal, suicidal insanity we have now? As the saying goes, if we keep on the same path, we will arrive at where we are going. Even if we are able to stanch the current oil flow, and we contain the damage to "just" one ocean, what will the next blow be? Will we be able to recover, or will it just be a matter of time before a human-made disaster kills us?

In our book Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and I point out the phenomenon of "spontaneous remission," where an individual is told their condition is untreatable and terminal, and yet something mysterious and miraculous happens. They recover, and show no sign of the disease whatsoever. While we might imagine this some super-human miracle, when we look deeper we find that the recovery is preceded by a profound change of belief, and change of behavior.

In other words, a spontaneous remission is often the result of a "spontaneous remissioning." And so the choice is before us to collectively change our mission from "dominate or be dominated" to re-growing the Garden together.

This has been the wake up call we have been waiting for.

And the snooze button is no longer working.

Steve Bhaerman is a writer and uncommontator who has written and performed comedy as Swami Beyondananda. He is also the co-author with Bruce Lipton of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (Hay House: 2009). He can be found online at http://www.wakeuplaughing.com/ If you like what you read, and want to get more of it, subscribe to Notes From the Trail.

Message From Swami: It Takes a Pillage and a Spillage to Wake the Village and Stop the Drillage

It is indeed challenging to say something positive about this disaster, but here goes: I am positive this is a disaster. With all the technical fixes broken, there's no telling how long BP will be peeing into the Gulf.You know, it doesn't seem to matter how alarming the alarm is, we humans tend to want to hit snooze. But it's getting harder to snooze through the news. Take the economic meltdown -- please! While Americans felt the pain, and older folks waxed nostalgic about the good old days, when people robbed banks instead of the other way around, in the end most folks watched passively as our commonwealth got pillaged by the uncommonly wealthy.

But if a pillage alone doesn't awaken the village, then maybe a pillage AND a spillage will do it. And now that Obama has presented BP with a $20 billion invoice, maybe it takes a billage to stop the drillage.But here is the problem. We humans are so used to fighting amongst ourselves (and that includes all of us, folks ... that's why I know that a sign that Nonjudgment Day is near is when all the peace groups make peace with one another), that we haven't yet learned to speak in one voice to say, "Stop the pillage, the spillage and the drillage ... we are poisoning our global village!"And ... more importantly ... in that same unified voice, declare the One Suggestion as the new planetary operating system: "We are here to re-grow the Garden, and have a heaven of a time doing it."

If we really want to overgrow the current system ruled by fossilized fools fueled by fossil fuels, we have to address that other spillage of crude that has polluted our body politic: The igno-rants of media motor mouths, particularly those on Fox "News" who have turned their lie-ability into an asset. If only the Evangelicals were into metaphysics ... they would see that F-O-X is 6-6-6 in numerology.However, spewing more crude back is no way to bring fear-fed red tribe "conservatives" out of their Fox holes. And that brings me to the one sure antidote to cataclysm. Dogaclysm.

For millennia our spiritual teachers have been telling us to treat one another like brothers and sisters. And we see how well that has worked. Because, let's face it. How did we treat our brothers and sisters? We fought with them. We were jealous. We thought, "Mommy likes you better." Or, "Mommy likes me better, so nyah nyah, nyah!" But what happened when a new puppy came into the household? Everyone stopped fighting and began petting the puppy together. And that's what we need today. Puppy love. Instead of treating one another like brothers and sisters, let's begin to treat each other like lovable puppies, and begin to feel the love. Did you know that when you come in contact with a friendly dog, your body secretes healthy hormones called puptides? And no wonder. Dogs are so filled with unconditional love, it's literally dripping over the sides of their mouths. Maybe the secret to world peace is empowering an elite corps of golden retrievers, beagles and spaniels to anoint all negotiators with their kisses before, during and after their sessions.

Imagine ... the Salivation Army. And so ... nature has presented us with a cataclysm, and we must respond with a dogaclysm -- a tsunami wave of love so doggone powerful that the agents of pillage, spillage and drillage will have no choice but to obey the Master and sit ... stay ... and roll over.

Seriously, Folks ... Isn't It Time for a Department of Heartland Security?

As people watch this current ecological disaster unfold, and wonder if there is any upside to the downer, I think of what co-heart and storyteller David Lynn Grimes said at Caroline Casey's Trickster Training Tea Party this past weekend: "The oil spill is a sentient act of Mother Earth to wake us up."David was on the scene 21 years ago when the Exxon-Valdez spewed its spillage on the Prince William Sound, and saw firsthand the precursor to this current curse.

However awful the situation, there was an unplanned upside. "They were all set to clear-cut the Alaskan forest ... and the oil spill stopped the development," he says. So, here is my hope and my prayer. May this disaster be the pre-blesser to a truly new world order that establishes itself as a stand for a new Humanity with the mission of re-growing the Garden.

May we cohere as a species around uncommon common sense and the virtues and values the vast majority of us hold in common. May we use our polarities as a dynamo to evolve in a spiral instead of going around in circles. Think it's impossible to gather that kind of energy? Consider this. In 2008, the Obama campaign raised half a billion dollars in individual contributions. What exactly did that buy us? True, we don't have McCain-Palin ruling the roost ... but considering that a victory is like going to the race track to bet a bundle and saying, "Gee, I hope I break even." In this world in crisis, and world of opportunity, there is no breaking even. We either break through, or we break down.

Right now, we seem to be breaking down ... and are ripe for a breakthrough. And that is why I am rolling up a lifetime of experience -- in political science, psychology, spirituality and of course, humor -- into a mission to launch a Department of Heartland Security as a non-governmental, non-coercive non-organization to activate the heart and soul of we the people. Our intention is to gather around the Heart to heal the Land, and provide us with the Security that comes from respecting the individual in the context of community. More specifically ...

Heart represents our universal spiritual foundation, the vast and untapped resource of love and connection.

Land represents a restorative, sustainable economy that empowers a mutually beneficial partnership between human and biosphere.

Security represents our evolution from the single cell "every-cell-for-itself" philosophy to the multi-cell "we're-all-in-this-together." In doing so, we move from survival of the fittest to thrival of the fittingest, from mutually-assured destruction to mutually-insured survival.

May we wake up, and wise up.

The evolution has begun!

~ Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman)

State recognized tribes face greater oil spill risks

By Rob Capriccioso

Story Published: Jun 4, 2010

NEW ORLEANS – Already ravaged by hurricanes and erosion, coastal Louisiana tribes are now suffering immediate threats from the infamous BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Getting government help is proving difficult for some, as many of the most harmed tribes have not been recognized by the federal government.

“It’s a dark day for our people,” said Brenda Dardar-Robichaux, principal chief of the United Houma Nation. “We’re being hurt economically, environmentally and culturally. … It’s a total assault on who we are, our way of being.”

The United Houma Nation is a state recognized tribe with approximately 17,000 members who live in a six-parish area, many along the coastline. Members of the tribe have been in the region for thousands of years, subsisting off the land and water, while passing their traditions on to each new generation.

Fishing is a major source of sustenance for hundreds of Houma citizens, helping them to feed their families and make a living. Many are worried that their main source of livelihood will be curtailed for years to come as a result of the BP spill.

Oil from the leak, which began April 20 and has no end in sight, has already clouded some revered fishing areas, and many wetlands further inland are in danger as well. Plants used in traditional medicines and basket weaving materials are also at risk of being lost.

The threat is all the worse due to coastal erosion spurred on by the four hurricanes that have affected the region in recent years. Plus, much of the coastline has already been altered due to oil industry development. As a result, wildlife that was once native to the area has disappeared in some cases, locals say.

“It’s sort of a love/hate relationship we have with the oil companies, as many of our members rely on them for work, but they also see the impact the companies have had on the area over the years. This latest spill makes that impact all the more difficult,” Dardar-Robichaux said.

The Houma Nation is one of several tribes facing an uphill battle. Most tribal citizens in immediate danger are members of state recognized tribes; there are 10 in Louisiana, and four federally recognized ones.

Kendra Barkoff, a spokeswoman for the Department of the Interior, explained that as of June 2, federally recognized tribes seemed to be free of oil complications. She said the agency has received “no reports that federally recognized tribal natural resources are impacted by the spill.” She added that Interior has reached out to all federally recognized tribes in the region, including those from Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

Shin Inouye, a spokesman for the White House, said tribal leaders have been receiving updates from the White House, and have been invited to participate in update calls with government officials.

State tribes, meanwhile, have been left more to their own devices, with some even trying to work with BP itself to lend a hand.

Dardar-Robichaux noted that the lack of federal recognition has been especially painful for some members faced with this crisis, given that oil companies once petitioned the BIA against recognition of the tribe.

But the tribal community is not sitting still. The chief reached out to the Commerce Department, specifically its Native American-focused division, to see if there was anything it could do.

Don Chapman, senior advisor on Native American affairs at Commerce, explained that through his office, along with Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Economic Development Administration, the department is working with the Houma by establishing local meetings to provide access to support and sustainment programs.

“We’ll take whatever help we can get,” Dardar-Robichaux said. She’s also been meeting with state and federal legislators.

The Pointe Aux Chenes Indian Tribe, another of Louisiana’s state recognized tribes, is doing what it can to get by without federal assistance. It’s made up of about 700 members whose ancestors resettled to the state more than 100 years ago.

Tribal Chairman Chuckie Verdin has been spending many long and hard hours on his boat, making himself part of the effort to establish booms in his area to prevent further inland oil destruction.

“All of our members desperately want to help stop the spill,” said Patty Ferguson, a tribal attorney and member. “They know the bayous and marshlands; they have valuable insight to offer.”

Ferguson said oil started leaking into the community May 30, leaving many members scared and worried about the future.

“It’s hard because we can’t work directly with the federal government or agencies due to our status,” Ferguson said. “If we were federally recognized, we would have more direct contact, and could make sure we are included in recovery plans, expressing our concerns along the way.”

Dardar-Robichaux said her people are more than willing to help in the clean-up and prevention efforts, but she’s also worried about the safety of tribal members who may come into contact with hazardous materials.

“We need them to be protected, and they need to be able to get proper training.”

On the larger issue of whether offshore oil drilling should be stopped altogether, which some tribes are advocating, Dardar-Robichaux said she is most concerned that the oil industry and government officials become better stewards of the land and water.

President Barack Obama had some Native Americans in the region paying heightened attention to his own commitment to the land and water when he held a press conference May 27, focused largely on the spill and the government’s response.

“I grew up in Hawaii,” Obama said at one point, “where the ocean is sacred. And when you see birds flying around with. … with oil all over their feathers and turtles dying. … this speaks to, you know, how are we caring for this incredible bounty that we have?”

Dardar-Robichaux said that many members are relying on their own sacred ideals, given this latest challenge.

“We are always willing to ask for prayers. They have gotten us through many times before, and they will get us through again.”

We are all Gulf victims now

By Carl Safina, Special to CNN


  • Gulf is huge area that is crucial for migrating species, says Carl Safina
  • Because many breed in or travel through Gulf, impact of oil spill will be spread out, he says
  • Safina: Endangered species such as Kemp's ridley turtle breed only in Gulf
  • He says, "a healthy environment is priceless beyond reckoning"

(CNN) -- In some ways, a catastrophe of this magnitude could not have happened in a worse place. Or at a worse time of year.

We're hearing a lot about the economic dislocation of thousands of Gulf fishers and their families -- and rightly so. But the oil disaster is a much larger calamity than the Gulf itself. It's not just a regional disaster. It has hemispheric implications.

The Gulf is a large region, but its natural importance is even more outsized, disproportionate to its area. The Gulf is the hourglass pinch-point for millions of migrating creatures that funnel into, breed in, migrate through and then fan out of it to populate an enormous area of the continents and coasts. Anything that affects living things inside the Gulf affects living things far outside it.

Certain animals that normally inhabit the open Atlantic travel to the Gulf to breed. Two such species, both endangered, breed nowhere else. The world's most endangered sea turtle, the Kemp's ridley turtle, ranges throughout the west Atlantic as far north as New England. But it breeds only in the Gulf. Many are now heading there to lay their eggs on remote beaches. Turtles are showing up on beaches debilitated by oil.

Oil kills sea turtles by both ingestion and direct toxicity, and by stressing and suppressing their immune systems. Adults are vulnerable, but hatchlings will have an even harder time.

Atlantic bluefin tuna -- the most high-priced ocean fish in the world -- have declined by about 90 percent since the 1960s due to overfishing. Their west Atlantic population ranges the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada and far out to sea, but the Gulf of Mexico is the giant fish's only known breeding area. Spring is their breeding season.

According to a web tool that puts the slick over your home region, the vast area of surface oil is now bigger than Massachusetts, Connecticut and Long Island combined. It overlaps the tracked movements of breeding bluefin tuna. Consequently, their eggs and larvae are presumably being bathed in a toxic soup of oil and dispersant.

Dispersant, which is toxic by itself, also makes the petroleum more toxic. Instead of remaining concentrated at the surface, dispersed oil pollutes the entire water column. Instead of evaporating, the toxic components remain in the water. And because it's dissolved, it passes more easily across gills and into digestive systems. Planktonic animals become disoriented or die.

Meanwhile, of course, mats of oil are washing ashore. No amount of boom will protect waterbirds like pelicans, gulls and terns, because diving into the water for fish is how they eat. In the Gulf in May, with the oil gushing, were loons, gannets, various kinds of herons and terns. Also there were black skimmers that had spent the winter there but would soon leave to migrate north and, depending on species, breed all along the coast from the southern states to as far north as the Maritimes, and lakes across much of Canada.

Some of the longest-distance migrants on Earth are various sandpipers, plovers and other shorebirds, many of which winter as far south as Patagonia and breed as far north as the high arctic. Perhaps a million cross the Gulf in May, and when they reach the U.S. coastline, they must stop to rest and feed. Problems with habitat and food supply have reduced many of their populations 50 to 80 percent in the past 20 years. And now this. When oil was just starting to smudge some of the birds on beaches now thick with it, I saw sanderlings, ruddy turnstones, black-bellied plovers and other such northbound birds.

Even among those that do not get heavily oiled, many will not make it. The birds' energy budgets operate on thin margins of food intake against exhaustive expenditure in long-distance flight. They will not bear the additional cost of feathers sticking and functioning inefficiently, and many such birds will drop out on their way north.

Migrating peregrine falcons traveling north from South American wintering areas, destined for nesting areas as far as Greenland, are also crossing the Gulf's marshes. Preferentially picking off birds whose flight seems compromised, falcons will be getting disproportional doses of oil.

All these birds can live decades and take years to mature, so adult birds killed by oil this year will mean populations reduced for years to come. This is a calamity not just in space but in time as well.

Some animals may be rescued. Less possible to cleanse is the anguish on the faces and in the hearts of fishing families. Oil companies can drill, and they can buy votes in Congress, but apparently they can't do much else.

Now that the reckoning is here, it becomes a little easier to see that we fool ourselves with the apparent cheapness of subsidized oil and that a healthy environment is priceless beyond reckoning.

Why do we fail to know this always, in our bones? The Gulf is not a thing unto itself. Neither is the oil eruption. We are all Gulf victims now.

Editor's note: Carl Safina writes about how the ocean is changing and what it means for wildlife and for people. A MacArthur fellow, Pew fellow and Guggenheim fellow, he is adjunct professor at Stony Brook University and president of Blue Ocean Institute. His books include "Song for the Blue Ocean"; his upcoming book, "The View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World," will appear this fall.



Wake up Call Initiatives

Humanity Healing is sponsoring and endorsing a series of initiatives to both physically assist those nonprofits involved with the

direct physical clean-up of the BP Gulf Oil disaster as well as

spiritually assisting with the disaster through collective meditations and visualizations.


Please review the assessment from the Global wake up call Tele-conference,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg2YwxcY3ME

Please review the assessment from the Global wake up call Tele-conference,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg2YwxcY3ME

Please review the assessment from the Global wake up call Tele-conference,

and see how you can help. We need helping hands to do this.

The first of these is on Wednesday, 23 June 2010, at 5:30 EST


This time was chosen for astral and planetary aspectation.

To get your downloadable PDF of suggested meditations, visit: http://ow.ly/1XYAO

For those who can attend, there will be a teleconference for the meditation. The call-in

number is 1.270.400.2000, access code 707110.

Please also watch Wake-up Call


Join Us!

Gulf Phoenix Rising Project

Humanity Healing Team

Visit Humanity Healing Network at: http://humanityhealing.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Wake up Call. - Humanity Healing Network

Gulf of Mexico:Global Prayer Wave

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 12:00pm

End Time:Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Location:Planet WHEN: Daily (this event is ongoing)

TIME: 12noon - YOUR TIME.

WHERE: Where ever you are at 12 noon each day.

HOW: Take 1 minute of Silence

(3 - 5 minutes if your inspired)

with a focus on creating healing solutions for this situation.

(see below link for areas of focus)

For more information & details, go to this link:


& JOIN THE GROWING FACEBOOK GROUP - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=117691488267218&v=wall

This is now the main facebook page for the Global Prayer Wave.


We have created a facebook group for this daily prayer & intention vigil -


ALL In support of creating sustainable solutions for this oil spill in the Gulf and in support of Mother Earth & our precious Ocean & all creatures affected!



As many of us are aware there is a very large oil spill that has occurred from underwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico into the Ocean. This oil is not only pouring into the Ocean but now reaching land on the US coast lines, moving into very pristine & protected wetlands, protected coastal areas and into areas where there is a large amount of animal life. This oil has the potential to begin to move from the Gulf of Mexico up the East Coast of the USA and also into our rivers.

This is an environmental situation that is calling forth A VERY LARGE & IMMEDIATE response to avoid any more major environmental damage.

The oceans are precious, water is precious & essential to life on this planet. The animal life in the water and on the land in these areas are precious.

Because we are all interconnected and a part of a larger web of Life, this situation has the potential to affect that web of Life in a very serious way.

Through taking a moment of silence, sending our prayers, intentions, visualizations & love, together we can assist & support the sustainable clean up, protection & healing of the water & all of life affected by this situation.

Join us and send your love & prayers

to assist & heal our Living Planet!







Anyone who is thinking of getting their hair cut, or anyone who owns or works at a Hair Salon...Please consider checking this group out. They are collecting and using hair to make crucial boom to donate to the Gulf!


How everybody can get involved! It's free & fast.

ALL salons, groomers, alpaca, llama, sheep fleece farmers, feather donors, individuals, & pet owners... Please sign up to be a part of this recycling system for hair, fur, fleece, feathers, nylons... and to volunteer to make booms..More info below...

We shampoo because hair collects oil. Why should millions of pounds of absorbant, natural, renewable hair, fur, fleece clippings go to waste?

Generous donors ship, at their own expense, boxes of hair, fur, fleece, feathers and nylons to emergency oil spills. It has been coming in for weeks to the Gulf of Mexico by drop-offs, truckloads, USPS, FED EX, UPS... from every city in North America. Even from donors in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and Brazil... Everyone wants to make this happen!

Once you sign up, YOU WILL RECIEVE EMAILS re minor spills near you and the Major spills when donated warehouses have the space and need to accept massive amounts of hair, fur, fleece, feathers, nylons... Please check your spam folders.

Municipalities from all over the world are contacting us and working out how to set up collection and boom storage at their own harbors for the other 2,600 smaller emergency spills on average every year!

Matter of Trust is operating in the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill with the generous permission from World Response Group, Inc. the owner of the patent for OTTI MAT. Matter of Trust's booms are for donation to the Gulf. They are made from donated fibers and assembled by volunteers. They do not meet the specifications of the industrial made OTTI MAT. Hair stylist, Phil McCrory of OTTI MAT, invented the hair mat 20 years ago after seeing otters covered in oil during Exxon Valdez. OTTI MAT purchases hair in China and manufactures mats in China and these mats are approved by the EPA and NASA & Page 2.

Together we are all orchestrating an international natural fiber recycling MOBILIZATION to help the Gulf and beyond!

Matter of Trust's OTHER PROGRAMS (list of all programs)

Manmade Surplus Programs

Excess Access

Right now, Excess Access is also handling the database of Hair, fur, wool... and Nylons donors for the Gulf Spill Program

You can visit our many Manmade Surplus programs that focus on reuse of manufactured surplus items and materials. Our largest program is ROSA (Reuse Of Society's Abundance) and its online database Excess Access for matching nonprofit wish lists with business and household donations of second hand furniture, clothes, toys...

Natural Surplus Programs

Our Natural Surplus programs concentrate on materials that are found abundantly in nature.


When there are oil spill emergencies or we have room in our own warehouse space, thousands of salons, groomers, wool farmers, individuals... mail in hair, fur, wool... clippings, swept up off their floors. The fibers are stuffed into recycled nylons and covered in mesh to make booms or, when possible, woven into hair mats.

We all know about shampooing our oily hair, but it took Phill McCrory, a stylist from Alabama, to realize that hair was an efficient and abundant material for collecting and containing petroleum spills. Phil's company Ottimat.com sells hair mas made of hair purchased in China, where hair, fur and wool have been recycled for thousands of years. The mats are made there, where the textile industry is booming.

For over a decade, Ottimat has partnered Matter of Trust to orchestrate an International Natural Fiber Recycling Mobilization and stimulate green jobs and the textile industry in North America!


Bird Lover, 11, Painting to Save the Gulf


Dear Audobon Society,

As you all are aware of, the oil spill in the Gulf is devistating (sic). My mom has already donated a lot of money to help, but I have an idea that may also help. I am a decent drawer, and I was wondering if I could sell some bird paintings and give the profits to your organization.

My mom is in touch with an art gallery where I live. She is going to sell them there. I also am hoping to go to Cornell in the future. I want to become an ornithologist. I know a few species of birds. I also acknowledge that this is breeding time for plovers, terns, etc.

I will do all in my strength to earn money. All I need is your okay.

Here is a picture of a northern cardinal as a sample.

Thank you for your time.

Olivia Bouler, 11 years old and willing to help

So began Olivia’s "Save the Gulf" campaign. The fifth grader from , loves birds and the gulf region, where her grandparents live. She told AOL News she was "really upset" when she learned about the oil spill and the attendant threat to birds.

"I really needed to do something," Olivia said.

Inspiration arrived quickly. "I’m no James Audubon, but I can draw," she said. And so Olivia sat down and wrote her letter to the Audubon Society, including a painting.

It responded. In addition to purchasing one of Olivia’s drawings for their headquarters, the organization contacted her to discuss fund-raising tactics.

The society and Olivia’s family -- architect dad James, English teacher and writer mom Nadine, and little brother Jackson -- created a program whereby Olivia sends an original painting to anyone who donates to any of several organizations helping wildlife in the gulf. Donors e-mail Nadine, and Olivia takes pen to paper, creating a unique work of art for each donor.

Gulf Oil Spill Volunteer and Relief Efforts

Volunteer Government Hotline: (866)448-5816

Report Oiled Wildlife: (800)440-1401

Report Oil Spill Damage: (800)440-0858

Report Oiled Shoreline: (866)448-5816