Worker in the Light ~ Sacred Activist

Teacher of Truth ~ Facilitator for Change  

Healer of the Spirit ~ Channel for Peace 


Linda Living Joy Lorenzo, POJ, SWW


Sacred Wild Woman ~ Practitioner of Joy

Dancer with Life


One with the Sacred Drum

Heart Beat of Mother Gaia

& the Native Heart

~ "O ' Mitakuye o Yasin"~

~ "Alo'ha te Aumakuas ~

~"All my Relations" ~

Over 40 years Study and Professional Practice

5th Generation Intuitive, Clarity Consultant, Spiritual Mentor, Clarvoyant, Clarsentient, Claraudeint, Clarcognizant, Channel, Medium, Metaphysician, Quantum Physics, Teacher, Peace Activist, Medical Intuitive and Empath, Holistic Practitioner and Wellness Consultant.

One Quarter Oglala Sioux, Tuscarora and Penobscot by Ceremony ~ Native American Shamanic, Healer, Animal Spirit Medicine & Hawaiian Huna Practitioner

Writer, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. 

An Ordained minister in the Order of Melchezidek, currently working on obtaining a ministerialship with The World Community Order of St. Francis Peace Ministry and also currently the Greater Rochester Regional Representative for the Dept of Peace.

Currently hosting Sacred Wild Woman Workshops across the country and working on upcoming book, "The Native Heart", based on the Spirituality of our Divine Mother Earth and Native American Wisdom.

I believe, my mission is to empower people with the message and understanding that any Desire that is held in the Heart was placed there by the Creator...and our lives are destined for joy, purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

We are deserving of all good things and were meant to experience them.

And, as we are uplifted and experiencing lives of fullment, peace, prosperity and too are those who we come in contact with, as well as Beloved Mother Earth--lifted up to higher levels of consciousness & existence.

We were not put here to suffer...we were put on this Planet, at this time, to experience and express Joy.

And all that we need on our life's journey can be found within our own Heart, Mind and Spirit.

There, is nothing, we need to do or be. Nothing is required of us. We are already perfect. It is time to wake up to that perfection and simply step into the light of our own brilliance.

As Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, finally realized at the end of her adventure...

The power she was seeking outside of herself was within her all the time.

I bring over 40 years of experience, study and training in helping people enhance their lives and grow spiritually.

I have helped many seekers of Truth and Light, in all areas of thier life, specializing in guidance for the achievement of true abundance, prosperity, purpose, health, love, and those things needed for a fulfilling, successful and joyfilled life.

I would joyously welcome the opportunity and the honor of assisting You, on this most Sacred Journey...this most Perfect Dance of Life.