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Linda "Living Joy" Lorenzo

~ Practitioner of Joy ~ Sacred Wild Woman ~

~ Sacred Activist ~

* Intuitive * Clarity Consultant *

Writer * Speaker

* Energy Healer * Spiritual Mentor*

 Professional Readings & Parties at Reasonable Rates


SUMMER SPECIAL ~ 40.00, 30 Mins

                              60.00, 45 Mins

                              75.00, 60 Mins

                                100.00, 90 Mins

(For All In Person, Phone & Email Sessions)

   (Please go to "Specials and Promotions" Link

for more info to purchase/book a reading)

 Please note all readings good for up to one year of purchase date. Gift Certificates are Available. 

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December 2008 

Recently recommended on Face Book, by world renown Intuitive,

and Hay House Author, Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid a wonderful intuitive here Linda Living Joy Lorenzo is giving a gift to all her FB friends, see She is an incredibly talented writer too.

What Others are also saying...Most Recent Testimonies

(Please go to the "Testimonials Page" for All)

" Linda~THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for such a powerful & profound reading. Your insights & clarity were direct from source. The guidance, support, & love that came from you was effortless. I am grateful beyond words. I feel as though I have a new friend/soul sister on this journey of life. Thank you for you & the magnificent work that you do. All my love " ~ " 'Linda~Love' ;) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the most profound reading. You truly are a gift from above. Not only do you help put our rudders back in the water but you truly alter courses in tremendous ways. I am so very grateful. So much love to you"

-Hillary Maley, Colorado

"Aloha Linda, You are a blessing to others and I wanted to let you know that your reading was fantastic, validating what has been in my heart and soul, ready to manifest my abundance. Mahalo for your love & light, as I know you live your truth. Sending you the Aloha Blessings."

"In the years that I have been involved in the healing arts, there were times I wanted to give up. I was on a mission to understand the "real Jesus" and yet I always believed my perservance would reveal the truth of my passion. Linda helped me to understand that when miracles come into your life, the door opens to look into the soul and see ourselves thru the higher self of the divine love. Mahalo Linda for your unconditional love."

-Mericiana Howard, Kaneohe, HI

"Thank you so much for the reading! It made such a huge, positive difference for me. I'm sure I will be scheduling another in the near future. You truly have a special gift, and I'm happy you decided to share it with the world!, Elizabeth"

"Linda Living Joy Lorenzo is a true blessing to commune with. I have had many, many readings over the years from various psychics, intuitives, mediums and healers, and my reading with Linda was uniquely uplifting. She was completely accurate and addressed concerns that I had barely admitted to myself. My life has been enhanced just by having her in it. There is nothing false or phony about her. Linda is a genuinely loving and joyful person, and I highly recommend her readings to any and everyone."

~ Elizabeth Chandler, Rochester, NY

Linda is a gifted spiritual counselor, healer, and writer. She is well read and has more knowledge in her pinky than most will have in a life-time. The icing on the cake is that Linda has a huge heart and she really cares about those with whom she works. I believe that sets Linda apart andmakes what she offers to the world -- extra special. One of the best decisions you can make is to book

an appointment with Linda. You will gain the clarity you need to move forward in your life through love and with ease.

~ LaTresa Shaver, Springdale, AR

"I know it has taken quite a while to get back to you about the reading you did for me, but the way things have played out have been right on target with the reading. I want to say thank you and tell you what a blessing you are...One of the things that you said in your reading for me was that I had fairies around me to help me and explained a little about that. At that time, I had just become aware that they were real and was needing confirmation.... although I did not ask you for it..... it just came out. Since then there has been lots of visible activity in that area and it has brought me joy. And of course much of the other that you had for me was so true and helpful too..."

"Linda is very talented and gifted. Her reading for me was so filled with love, sincerity, and concern. The connection she has with Spirit is genuine, strong, and true. When she did the reading for me, it was all right on target and has continued to show true. I think of what was said in that reading often and it has given me help and peace. Part of it was a little joyful surprise that I was curious about at first, but again has been confirmed numerous times since then. I am thankful for Linda and because that reading still resonates and shows true I think of her often and thank Creator for her openness and her willingness to follow the path she is on in using her gifts. She truly does emanate truth and joy. Thank you Linda!"

~ Jolene Clement, Amarillo, TX

"I just had my third reading with you, and once again, you blew me away with what you could see was happening. I didn't even have to tell you anything about what's been going on--you could see it all! I'm so grateful for the guidance and reassurance. There's so much change happening, but the reading helps me look forward to it all. What a wonderful gift! Thank you so much!" xoxoxo,

Lauren Sarat, Providence, RI

"What a soulful reading today, Linda!! You were on target about everything -- thank you for helping me stay on purpose. Your time is so appreciated :-)."..."Thanks again, Linda, for everything...It was excellent connecting with you today. I really appreciated your time and talent."

- Ryan Ray, Los Angeles, CA (Exec Producer & Host of TV talk show "Wake UP! Explore your Passion")

"Dear Linda, Thank You for my "reading" on May 6th, Your insights and impressions were all on the mark, and I was extremely impressed by your gentleness and sincerity. What you shared with me was helpful on several levels, in that some points either validated or awakened suppressed inclinations and others served to inspire me to take action on some important goals. In our follow-up communications, you have been extremely helpful and I appreciate your intuition as well as your very generous asistance in connecting me with so many incredible people. You are very gifted on many levels and I hope you will be writing and publishing a book soon.... because I would like to place my order now! With sincere gratitude"

~ Robert R. Chandler

"My reading with Linda was the catalyst that I was praying for. Not a moment after she finished my life took a clear focus. Linda helped clear the fog, give loving guidance, great truth with compassion and a helping hand along this road we call life. Speaking with Linda was so easy. She is a soul that is deeply comforting, compassionate and full of Joy! I didn't need to ask her any questions as she answered questions I hadn't yet realized I was wondering about. She led me to resources that are wonderful and so helpful. I know that it is because of Linda's gifts of spirit and my own soul's desire to achieve all that God would want for me and more that my business has taken off with a most beautiful and abundant start and all my heart's concerns are calmed and at ease knowing that God knows what is best for me.

Thank you Linda for your Love and for your Light."

"Linda! What a beautiful spot on session today. Thank you from my heart. I am signed up with vista print and am going to get started with my website. The session with you today was the catalyst I was praying for. Thank you so much."

~ Candice Lewis,Nevada City, CA

"Dear Linda,

I cannot thank you enough for the enormous blessing of your reading...still a little shellshocked. You are an absolutely amazing and beautiful woman, just as I felt you were the first time I saw you online. Thank you for being so connected to and open to Spirit...thank you for the blessing of the work you do.

I wish you a mulititude of blessings and I cannot wait until your book is published.

I was truly blessed and honored to receive a reading from Linda. From the moment I connected with her I felt peace and a tremendous joy filled my heart to overflowing.

Through Linda and her gifts, I received definite confirmation and further guidance for the lessons Spirit has been teaching me. Through her words, I was gently guided to look at my truths, my journey and the steps I must take to increase my learning about myself, and my true purpose for being. She blessed me with information and advice about my children too and of how to create a more peaceful and safe environment for them. She inspired me and helped me to know how truly loved I am and of the infinite resources eternally available to me. After the reading, I danced for days and the joy I felt then is still ever present and mine to keep and cherish 'Til soon, Thanks a zillion again,

Tina xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxo"

~ Konstantina Vlahos, Melbourne, Australia

"Linda, I've been trying to come up w/ something for you can use so people know how happy I was w/ the reading you did for me, and how I need to be coming back for more...I'll leave it at this...LINDA's READINGS...THEY ROCK....GET ONE!! :D :D :D

Thanks for all the brightness your own walking the path of Love has brought to my life, plus the "In Your Face" stuff!! :)

~ L.Lin Sbordone, Clearwater, FL

"Linda's readings are in-depth with lots of information, very accurate, and moving in a most positive way. I would recommend her for any serious information that you may need to assist in your guidance through life."

Service Category: Intuitive Readings

Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

~Steven Pepping, MA, CDP, DVP


Intuitive - Private Readings

Combination of Channeling Spirit, Guides, Angelic, Fairy, Goddess and Ascended Master Realms, Native American Shamanic, Spirit Animal Medicine, Medical/Holistic Intuition/Practice & Oracle Cards.

Parties-Customized to fit your Desires

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Showers, Graduation, Bachelorette, Family Gatherings, Retirement, Corporate,

Halloween, Holiday Parties

or Just For Fun!

Energy Healing ~ Mind, Body, Spirit

Energy Healing ~ Mind, Body, Spirit

Angelic Energies, Crystals, Spiritual Invocation/Prayer, Native American Shamanic & Huna Practitices, Medical Intuition and Empathic, Holitistic Practitice and Wellness Consulting 

Chakra Balancing & Aura Clearing

Combination of Spiritual Prayer and Affirmations, Native American, Energy, Crystals, Herbal and Essential Oils

House and Business Blessings

Native American/Spiritual Invocation

Crystals/Herbal/Essential Oils

Spiritual Mentoring

Holistic /Metaphysical/Quantum Physics Approach

Using Inutuitve Guidance, the Power of Joy & a variety of modalities, suited to individual needs, clearing blocks on all levels, bringing clarity of purpose & balancing body, mind, spirit.

Which opens the energies to draw to and experience all that is desired for a fulfilling, purposeful & joyous life.

Energy Work/Creative Expression with Indigos & Crystals

Working with Archangels Metatron and Michael, in the clearing of negative and unwanted energies. Removal of toxins due to vaccine, substance and environmental poisoning, through protocol of meditation, nutrition, supplemental, herbal and essential oils. Psychic development, education, focusing and creative channeling techniques.

Classes and Workshops

Embracing the Sacred Wild Woman Within, Huna with Heart, Meditation/Visualization/Affirmative Prayer, Working with the Angelic, Fairy Ascended Masters, Goddesses & Spirit Animal Medicine.

Native American Spirituality & Shamanism, Huna Philosophy & Practice, Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Phenomenon, Sacred Activism

Wellness, Essential Oils, Spiritual Parenting, The Power of Joy & Gratitude, The Law of Attraction, Quantum Psychics, Spiritual Life Development, Identifying and Releasing Blocks, Metaphysical Movie Nights, Woman Empowerment, Psychic Development, Retreats 







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*10% of all monthly proceeds collected from Intuitive Readings, Workshops, Speaking Engagements and Writing Projects will be donated to Gulf Cleanup Efforts, Oceanic, Marine, Wildlife, Environmental and Conservation Projects & Organizations.